Therapeutic Massage

Many folks suffer from daily stress & fatigue. The chronic wear and tear on the body can often become so routine that our bodies become anesthetized.


Therapeutic/Medical Massage can help to improve posture, body function, & reduce stress. It brings better blood flow as well as an overall sense of wellbeing. A customized therapy using any combination of deep tissue, Swedish, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, positional release and/or active release techniques.

Therapeutic Massage is a necessity for proper body maintenance. Whether you have a job that keeps you at a desk all day or you're an athlete, massage can help you keep your muscles and joints in optimum shape!


What can Therapeutic/Medical Massage do for you?

  • Relieves stress

  • Improves muscle tone & range of motion

  • Reduces chronic pain & inflammation

  • Improves circulation

  • Boosts the immune system

  • Assists in healing of physical & emotional trauma

  • Reduces recovery time from injury

  • Calms the mind and body, yet stimulates the nervous system and overall circulation

Swedish Massage

Add Thai Massage Stretches to your session to achieve maximum results!

Facial massage can improve the appearance of your skin, as it improves circulation, creates a bright, even tone, reduces puffiness, increases collagen production and relaxes the muscles that cause stress lines and wrinkles. It's like a natural face lift!

This unique face massage is designed to restore damaged skin, provide protection and breathe new life into your skin. Harnessing powerful plant extracts, emollients, and essential oils, your face will be cleansed, exfoliated, masked and moisturized. 

Each product is composed of true gifts from the Earth: nourishing plant extracts, pure essential oils, and select natural ingredients to give results you can see and feel, naturally.

Head Massage

doTERRA skin care products are used for most facial  massages. They are designed to meet your anti-aging, skin care needs, helping keep your skin feeling and looking young, healthy, and gorgeous by maximizing the natural power of essential oils. 


Thai Massage is an Eastern healing, stretching massage that blends rhythmic hands-on techniques with assisted yoga stretches that nourish tight, achy muscles as it soothes & relaxes the body & mind. It's a safe, yet very effective way to bring more flexibility to the muscles, & improve your range of motion. This unique modality creates a powerful release of stress and tension, as it increases vitality and well-being, restoring the body’s natural balance and healthful state.


Unlike table massage, this type of massage does not include the use of oils/lotions. Traditionally, it is performed on the floor using a padded floor mat. However, it can also be done on a massage table. This is especially helpful for those who have difficulty being on the floor.


You remain dressed in loose fitting clothing as you are moved through a series of yoga stretches. Additionally, precise application of Trigger Point Therapy, acupressure, palming & thumbing along the body's energy (Sen) lines are unique aspects of Thai Massage. These hands-on rhythmic techniques help to release toxins & nourish the muscles stimulating the flow of the body’s natural healing properties.


From chronic pain to emotional stress, Thai Massage reestablishes harmony and wellness from within.

thai massage.jpg


  • Come to your appointment with workout/yoga clothing. There is a private room to change if needed.

  • Do not apply lotion or oil to your skin at least 1 hour prior to your appointment.

  • Do not eat a heavy meal beforehand.

Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage is a type of massage therapy that utilizes stones to promote a deep relaxation & eases muscular tension. Smooth, flat, stones made of basalt (a type of volcanic rock, high in iron, that retains heat) are heated to a temperature between 130 & 145 degrees.


Traditional hands-on techniques of massage are applied using the hot stones as an added tool to allow a deeper massage that quickly warms the muscles and gets the blood flowing.


Throughout the massage, hot stones may also be placed along your spine, in the palms of your hand, on your belly, or even between your toes to improve the flow of energy in your body.


If you experience chronic stress, anxiety, muscle tension, stiff joints or insomnia, you may benefit from a hot stone massage. 

Hot Stones Massage


If you have any of the following, hot stone massage is not a good choice for you:

  • Breaks in the skin

  • Illness or infection

  • Pregnancy

  • Heart Disease

  • Diabetes

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage is customized to the needs of the pregnant woman and her changing body so massage techniques are adjusted accordingly.


Carrying a baby changes your center of gravity. It puts a lot of stress on your back, neck, abdominal muscles, and shoulders. Pregnancy also relaxes your ligaments and connective tissues creating instability in the pelvic joints. As your posture changes, the pelvis is pulled forward and the extra weight being carried can create an aching back.


Prenatal massage not only can help with back and joint pain, it improves circulation, reduces edema, headaches, stress, anxiety and insomnia.



Women who have recently experienced bleeding, pre-term contractions, or have any of the following conditions should speak with a health care provider prior to receiving a massage:

  • High risk pregnancy

  • Pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH)

  • Preeclampsia

  • Previous pre-term labor

  • Severe swelling, high blood pressure, or sudden, severe headaches

Give yourself the gift of relaxation! Alleviate stress & unwind from your busy life as you enjoy the soothing touch of relaxation AromaTherapy essential oil massage.


AromaTherapy Massage is a simple yet powerful way to provide every individual with an essential oil experience using 8 different DoTerra Essential oils.


This is a full body Swedish massage with light, relaxing strokes to help calm the senses & promote a deep feeling of peace & tranquility.


Each essential oil is selected for its individual aromatic properties, and for their powerful aromatic properties when combined. AromaTherapy Massage is a safe & effective way to receive the full benefits of essential oils, and can be adapted to accommodate young or sensitive skin so that anyone can benefit without the worry of overwhelming the body. 

Oil Massage


All oils used are safe & gentle, however, if you have any allergies (for instance, mint), please speak that, so your massage oils can be modified.

Please note that this is a light touch relaxing massage. If you would like deep pressure, stretching, or treatment targeted to a specific problem, a therapeutic massage would be best suited for you. 

Oncology massage is a client-specific, compassionate, specialized massage to help people manage their experience with cancer.


The effects of radiation, chemotherapy, & surgery puts an incredible amount of stress on the body & mind. This non-evasive nurturing, individualized massage helps comfort and support those who are coping with the physical and emotional effects that cancer imposes upon them.


Massage for cancer patients was once believed to be a contraindication, under the misconception that the cancer would be spread. Oncology Massage can be an excellent way to relax, relieve anxiety, combat nausea & help control pain. In fact, many doctors recommend massage as a form of complementary medicine.

Massages can be booked as "In-Studio" or "In-Home".

Healing Touch Therapy_1


  • Ability to tolerate cancer treatment side effects

  • Improved sleep

  • Fewer headaches

  • Less chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (numbness)

  • Less chemotherapy-related nausea

  • Less chronic pain

  • Reduced stress & anxiety

NOTE: Always talk to your doctor before undergoing oncology massage to make sure it is right for you.

Thai Foot Reflexology stimulates the body into healing itself by improving circulation, reducing stress, pain and restoring natural balance.  


Thai Reflexology developed in Chiang Mai, Thailand and is based on an understanding of energy and how its status in the body defined wellness or dis-ease, and the wisdom of the nature of the human body to seek homeostasis, Thai Reflexology, through a sequence of movements applied to the feet & lower legs, works solely to assist the body to return to equilibrium, as opposed to directing influence to specific organs. 

Thai foot reflexology massage uses hands, fingers, thumbs, knuckles, and a rounded wooden stick with lotion or oil in the application of pressure onto particular areas of the soles of the feet which stimulates the reflex action in another part of the body. It is a safe, non-toxic procedure that has no negative side effects.





  • Better circulation in feet & legs 

  • Improves the digestive, reproductive, respiratory, lymphatic, immune and endocrine systems

  • Reduces stiffness & improves flexibility

  • Encourages physical healing

  • Relieves stress from the body & mind

  • Promotes better sleep

  • Lifts your mood

  • Enhances concentration & clarity of mind

  • Provides a sense of tranquility, calmness, & well being