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Thai Massage Full Body Stretch

Thai Yoga Massage is an Eastern healing massage, blended with passive yoga stretches that will relieve tight, achy muscles as it soothes & relaxes.

Thai Massage

In this unique therapy, Karen guides you through a series of passive yoga stretches, while palming & thumbing along the body's energy lines & pressures points with precise application of hands-on techniques of rhythmic pressure, using patterns of strokes & trigger point therapy.


The yoga stretches that are used will help your body release muscle tension, improve flexibility as well as muscle tone & will help to restore balance & energy within the physical body & mind. The rhythmic hands-on techniques release toxins as it nourishes the muscles, stimulating the flow of the body’s natural healing properties. Utilizing acupressure and Shiatsu techniques, it creates a powerful release of stress & tension, as it increases vitality and well-being, restoring the body’s natural balance and health. 


This massage is most often done on a padded, floor mat. It can also be performed on a table, which is recommended for people who have difficulties getting on the floor.  Typically oils aren’t used for this style of massage, however, a small amount of a light oil may be used for the hands, feet, face and neck if desired. Sessions can also be customized to target localized trouble spots.


Come to your appointment with an empty stomach and dressed in comfortable workout or yoga clothing that will allow ease of movement and flexibility. 

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