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One-on-One Yoga Lessons/Private Small Group

Are you looking for a way to start yoga but feel intimidated by a large yoga class? Then private or semi-private instruction could be a good option for you!


Taking private yoga lessons offers you the luxury of having a class designed just for you, allowing you to learn yoga at your pace and take your yoga practice to a deeper level faster than you could in a group setting. 

A large yoga class filled with students at different levels can lead you to perform yoga poses without proper alignment. Sometimes, it's difficult to see the instructor and you might be inclined to follow what others are doing. This could lead to improper form and putting yourself at risk for injury.

Here, your confidence will be boosted as I will help you to understand the mechanics of the poses, the benefits of pranayama (yogic breathing techniques), and practicing yoga in a way that is safe & effective.  After just a few lessons you'll notice yourself getting more flexible & you’ll have greater confidence that you, too, can do yoga!

Private Small Group Yoga Class

You can also choose to do private small group yoga classes for yourself & up to 5 people, and split the cost among you.

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