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What you need to know...

before using the Cocoon Wellness System

Frequently Asked Questions & Precautions

WHAT ARE THE PRECAUTIONS & CONTRADICTIONS? CONTRAINDICATIONS: If you have any of the following conditions, you are advised to obtain written physician consent before using the Cocoon Wellness System: • Pregnancy or lactating • Heart disease and/or other cardiovascular conditions • Recent surgery (witnin 1 yr) • Diabetes • Asthma • Using medications such as diuretics, barbiturates, anticholinergics, and/or beta blockers • Hemophiliacs/Individuals prone to bleeding • Individuals with implants • Individuals with metal pins, rods or artificial joints • Individuals with sensitive skin or poor blood circulation Use of the Cocoon Wellness Pro System is not recommended for individuals with the following conditions: • Epilepsy • Fever • Broken bones or slipped disc • Current joint injury within 2 days (avoid heat 48 hours after injury) • Chronic conditions/disease associated with reduced ability to sweat • Intoxication • Individuals over 350 lbs • Outfitted with pacemakers or defibrillators • Insensitivity to heat (i.e. erythema ab igne) • Infectious or contagious skin conditions; skin lesions, open abrasions and/or areas of inflammation or persistent erythema (skin rash caused by injured or inflamed blood capillaries). IMPORTANT: We are not able to provide medical guidance to you on existing conditions you may have. It’s highly recommended that you contact your doctor if you are unsure if far infrared heat or chromolight will interfere with any health conditions you may have.

WHAT IS THE COCOON WELLNESS SYSTEM? The Cocoon POD is a personalized POD with healthy wellness exercise features such as built-in active-exercise system and dual radiant heat & dry heat sauna/vibration massage system designed for full body comfort and active-exercise, weight management and relaxation. While your body lies comfortably inside the Cocoon chamber, your head remains outside for your comfort and enjoyment of the session. In addition, an adjustable stream of cool Himalayan salt air is at your fingertips that not only keeps your face and neck comfortable, but once inhaled, these salt particles absorb irritants, including allergens and toxins, from the respiratory system, breaking up mucus and reducing inflammation, resulting in clear airways.

WHAT CAN THE COCOON WELLNESS SYSTEM DO FOR ME? Cocoon Fitness POD sessions provide you with a private sanctuary to maintain or achieve weight management and enjoy a relaxing, full body massage in a warm, soothing environment. Or, enjoy an active-exercise workout with the adjustable exercise bands and guided fitness programs for different fitness levels. The Cocoon is “The Ultimate Weight Management, Wellness Exercise, Fitness and Relaxation Machine” and instantly makes available to you a multitude of healthy lifestyle and wellness benefits.

WHAT IS CHROMOLIGHT THERAPY? Chromotherapy is a holistic, simple use of color light to help heal the physical, mental and spiritual energy imbalance that tends to lead to disease. Chromolight therapy employs the visible part of the light spectrum to penetrate the skin for renewal and regeneration. Red light therapy, improves the nervous system, relieves muscle soreness & reduces stiffness, increases libido, increases blood circulation, activates metabolism, relieves arthritis pain, fights against illnesses such as cold, flu, and pneumonia, aids in the production of red blood cells, helps to burn fat and builds collagen. Light therapy has been used for a variety of skin conditions dating back to the early 1900s. Currently the FDA has already approved light therapy for the treatment of: acne anti-aging (collagen production & wrinkle reduction) hair loss prevention & hair regrowth pain relief fat loss stem cell production

WHAT IS FAR INFRARED HEAT AND IS IT SAFE? Infrared heat is part of the invisible light spectrum from the sun. 54% of the sun’s output is infrared. Far infrared heating is 100% safe and natural for our bodies, and our well-being, as the human body is designed to accept and emit infrared. The feeling of warmth from infrared is particularly comfortable. It is UV that is harmful, not infrared, and so there is no need to worry. Humans and all warm blooded animals emit infrared heat. Infrared is a beneficial and essential form of energy. Infrared works by heating an object, such as your body, without heating the free air surrounding it. When you are standing outside on a cloudy day, yet your body still feels warm, that heat is coming from the sun’s infrared rays. Infrared is extremely beneficial for the human body and can help with a wide range of conditions. Unlike ultraviolet light - which has damaging effects on the tissues and cells of the body - infrared light helps cells regenerate or repair themselves. Infrared light also improves the circulation of oxygen-rich blood in the body, promoting faster healing of deep tissues and relieving pain. The Cocoon Wellness Pod uses infrared light to heat your body and penetrate deep into your joints, muscles, and tissues – speeding up oxygen flow, increasing circulation, and rebuilding collagen in the joints. It can be used to help reduce pain, as well as relaxing tight, achy muscles. Infrared therapy improves the action of the mitochondria within cells, thus triggering the growth and repair of new muscles cells and tissues. In other words, infrared light can hasten the repair process after a muscle injury. Infrared heat can also provide relief for folks suffering from arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, joint pain, and fibromyalgia.

HOW DOES THE COCOON WELLNESS SYSTEM ASSIST IN WEIGHT LOSS? Infrared heat has been proven to aid in weight loss by heating your core temperature and increasing metabolic rate. Much like moderate exercise, it increases in blood flow and heart rate and helps you burn calories. Additionally, when you choose the High Hyperthermic setting on the body pod, your body goes through a process called Thermoregulation. This is the process of your body fighting to cool your core temperature down, while the Infrared is fighting to heat it up. During this process your body is using energy to fight back. That burned energy is also burned calories. Most traditional saunas are challenged in their ability to heat our core body temperature to an effective degree for optimal "post sauna" metabolism and detox. With the user’s head inside the sauna, high temperatures cannot be tolerated when the head becomes overheated. Therapy treatment parameters and benefits are limited since the head cannot be independently cooled. The Cocoon Wellness System keeps the head outside the pod and under constant cooling which allows for higher core body temperatures. The integrated fitness protocol uses far-infrared light, convection heat and optional sauna suit for optimal thermal results and benefits.

CAN THIS BE COMBINED WITH MASSAGE? SHOULD I DO THIS BEFORE OR AFTER MASSAGE? Absolutely, this can be combined with massage! Whether you do a POD session before or after massage is a personal preference. Your muscles will be warmed up and your heart rate will go us using the Cocoon Wellness POD, your heart rate will go up and your body will sweat, so make sure you are properly hydrated. A robe will be provided if you choose to combine massage and Cocoon sessions so that you can move from one room to the other without having to change clothing twice.

WHAT DO I WEAR WHILE USING THE POD? You can wear lightweight clothing, but be aware that you will sweat. You may choose to wear underclothes or swimwear. If you would like optimum sweat for detox, we have sauna suits that you can choose to purchase. You can also choose to wear nothing at all. No shoes or jewelry should ever be worn inside the POD

WHY DO I NEED TO HYDRATE? Drinking plenty of water is a top priority. Our bodies need plenty of water for optimal function. When you sweat, your body uses water to flush out toxins and other waste, the more water you have to use, the more productive your sweat session will be. It is also important to replenish the water you sweat out. We provide complimentary water to keep you feeling your best!

HOW LONG ARE THE SESSIONS & WHAT IS THE COST? Your session can be 20 or 30 minutes. You can purchase sessions individually or buy a package and save. 20 Min Session: Single session - $39 3 Pack -$95 5 Pack - $125 10 Pack - $230 15 Pack - $300 20 Pack - $360 30 Pack - $420 Unlimited monthly - $275 30 Min Session: Single session - $55 3 Pack - $125 5 Pack - $185 10 Pack - $325 15 Pack - $420 20 Pack - $495 30 Pack - $555 Unlimited Montly - $395

ARE HOT/SWEAT CREAMS OR SLIMMING OILS USED DURING A POD SESSION? Hot creams and/or sweat creams are designed to open your pores, as well as to increase sweating and circulation during exercise or sauna use. They are used to help lose body fat through perspiration and the detoxification process. Sliming oils or creams are designed to firm, tighten and tone your skin with rich antioxidants, fatty acids and anti-inflammatory ingredients, and natural essential oils to be quickly absorbed by your skin to give you strong tightening, moisturizing and regenerating benefits. Only a small amount is needed to be applied to areas of the skin that you feel need a little extra help in tightening or releasing toxins through sweat. We will provide a 1 oz cup of hot/sweat cream OR slimming oil for your use. They are also available for purchase. GREENIVE THERAPEUTIC HEMP HOT CREAM offers natural assistance for pain relief, inflammation and cellulite. It contains 100% all natural ingredients, including a powerfully therapeutic hemp oil, to ease muscle aches, help burn fat, tighten skin and has anti-cellulite properties to help refresh and renew your skin. Available in 8 oz jar for $23.95 SUPERSWEAT is a heat-activated thermogenic gel-salve that creates a breathable barrier & accelerates sweating and greater caloric burn in the applied area. Available in 7.4 oz jar for $24.95 CELIMINATE CREAM is an all natural blend of Cinnamon, Aloe Vera, Fennel, and Chinese Herbs that help for enhancing youthful looking body curves. Available in 8.1 oz jar for $17.95 SLENDER SERUM is special blend of Lemon, Lime, Orange, Spearmint, Lavender and Eucalyptus essential oils. Available in 16 oz bottle for $17.95

IS THERE A WEIGHT LIMIT? Yes. The Cocoon Fitness POD System has a weight limit of 350 lbs.

How red light therapy and infrared heat can help you...
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